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Getting Started
learn all features of HTML_Progress package


In a series of tutorials, we give the new users of HTML_Progress an overview of its features and usage patterns. It describes a small subset of available functionality, but points to the parts of the documentation that give a more in-depth overview.

Your first progress meter

Create a simple progress meter from scratch, and learn the basic concepts of HTML_Progress with Your first Progress Meter.

Master and slave patterns

Control a long task running with master and slave patterns. Choose to use or not the Progress Handler feature.

Error handling

Handle error both simple and advanced with the new error-handling plug-in comes with version 1.2.0

Indeterminate mode

Sometimes you can't immediately determine the length of a long-running task, or the task might stay stuck at the same state of completion for a long time. So how to animate a progress bar to show unknown length-task activity ? We will learn, with two examples, how to use indeterminate mode. The first example apply basic concept, and the second example show an integration with a progress monitor.

Observer Pattern

The HTML_Progress_Observer class provides an implementation of the observer pattern. It provide a mechanism which you can examine each important event as it is happened and respond to them in a specific way. Lets discover our series of example to see what we can do with it.

Monitoring functions v2

This tutorial is based on version #2 of HTML_Progress_Monitor class cames with HTML_Progress 1.1. Make sure that you use the good version otherwise things might not works as specified.

If you still use HTML_Progress 1.0, and won't plan to migrate to version 1.1 or greater, then you should read and follow instructions into article available at

The HTML_Progress_Monitor class allows to display and manage a progress bar inside a dialog box (renders are customizable, and both mode determinate/indeterminate are supported). Progress process may be stop at any time by a user action (click on Cancel button). Lets see what we can display with the new QF rendering system ( in our series of example.

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Introduction HTML_Progress 1.x Your first Progress Meter

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