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Reference Guide
this reference describes every API in the HTML_Progress package

Table of Contents

Common Function Reference

These common methods allow to manage UI and DM classes component, change internal progress meter identifier, speed animation, and many other little tasks.

Error Handler Reference

Observer Pattern Reference

The HTML_Progress_Observer class provides an implementation of the observer pattern. In the content of the HTML_Progress package, it provides a mechanism by which you can examine special event as it is happened. This allows the implementation of special behavior.

Mathematical Reference

Default mathematical model (HTML_Progress_DM class) handles a common progress bar with a minimum and initial value sets to 0, a maximum set to 100, and an increment set to 1.

Graphical Reference

The HTML_Progress_UI class provides methods for html code display and element attributes handling. You can overload it with HTML_Progress::setUI method.

Data Model

The HTML_Progress_DM class handles any mathematical issues arising from assigning faulty values. You can overload it with HTML_Progress::setDM method.

Package HTML_Progress Constants

All Contants defined in and used by HTML_Progress

Monitor Functions

HTML_Progress_Monitor class allows to execute a process while display a progress bar inside a dialog box.

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